Crocheted Pouf Part 3: The Crochet Pattern

So lets recap: we're inspired (below left), we have the pouf (below right) and we're ready to make the transformation!

So when it came to making an actual pouf, like Pickle's, I was nervous. I'm not good with the circular knitting needles, so those patterns were out. I decided to go the way of Wise Craft's sweater cozies for candle holders and try to crochet them. I loved the way her cozies looked, so I thought I'd just try that crochet stitch, essentially just the Half Double Crochet done millions of times! And as luck should have it, I received about 10 pounds of yarn from Brad's Aunt Cathy that I've been needing to knit up. 

Left: Wise Craft's sweater cozies // Right: Caron One Pound of Yarn

10 skeins of one-pound skeins of yarn, that is. So I thought I'd finally use one in pursuit of adorable-ifying this lame-o pouf. This is more than enough yarn to make this pouf and it's a bargain if you get it at the store- around $8 for a whole pound of yarn! [Caron One Pound Yarn at Jo Ann's]

Be forewarned: I'm not an expert crocheter. The first time I learned to crochet, I asked my mom how as she was on her way out the door to work. She said, "Oh, it's like this," and showed me how to make a basic chain. She said, "And you just keep doing that into each stitch over and over again." So I was like, okay, let's try this and I attempted to crochet a scarf that day. When my mom got home, I showed mom, and she said "How'd you make that?" to which I responded "I crocheted it!" -- to which she responded, "Oh I didn't know what I was doing earlier." Soo I never really learned how to do this correctly. I figured that this project would be a good opportunity to finally learn how.

Wisecraft said she taught herself to crochet by watching YouTube videos, so I took the same approach in my quest to learn to crochet. I liked the look of her candle cozies, so I thought I could just vaguely follow her pattern and theorized that I could round it at the top by decreasing the stitch count. [Crocheting into every other stitch- instead of every one- exponentially decreases the size of the pouf and rounds it into the shape of the circle.]

The basic stitch is the Half Double Crochet [HDC], but in this pattern you're going to HDC into every stitch - not every third like the video shows (unless otherwise noted). [PLEASE NOTE: Crafting videos are ALL pretty creepy. I didn't purposely pick a terrible one.]

So I finally have learned to crochet properly- thanks to this creepo video- and am ready to give you my crocheting tutorial -- for your own crocheted pouf :)

For my pouf, I doubled up on the yarn. Every skein has one end of the yarn wound around it and the other on the inside, but you can access both ends. I just took them both from the same skein and crocheted them together as one.

For Your Own Crocheted Pouf Cover: 
Sides of the pouf:
Round 1: make a chain that fits the bottom of your pouf nicely, tightly, snugly.
Round 2: HDC into every stitch.
Repeat Round 2 until it is as tall as your pouf is.

Top of the pouf:
Round 1: HDC into every other stitch
Round 2: HDC into every stitch

Repeat Round 2 three times.
Repeat Round 1 once. Repeat Round 2 three times.
Carry out the pattern until you get to this point - 2.5" in diameter circle remains to be crocheted up.

Repeat Round 1 until the hole is totally closed.
Pull the yarn through the loop and weave it into the pattern.

Voila, a crocheted pouf!
And it's on color scheme :)

Hope you enjoyed my little project. I'll be around, crafties.


Ah, yes- an interpretive photo of my cat. My brother thoroughly enjoyed playing with Photo Booth on my computer when I first got it. There are at least 200 pictures of him on here. 
Have a good one! 


  1. Hooray! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it :)

  3. Finally! A pattern for a crocheted pouf that looks just like the expensive ones from Christien Meindertsma. Thank you so much. I owe you! Regards from Marion (The Netherlands)

  4. I'm glad you like it, Marion! Designers are always trying to rip people off with their expensive stuff. Half the time it's really basic and simple to do yourself. :)

    1. Dont blame designers for the prices. And they dont mark them up. Its people like you that dont have a clue but would rather take someone elses idea for free. Including a designers idea. Bet you steal everything. This is a nice pattern but does not look like the expensive ones.

    2. You are incredibly and unbelievably rude.

  5. Hi Amina,

    Well, I did it! Inspired by you I now have my homemade crocheted pouf! I took an old leather pouf that was gathering dust for over 25 years and started crocheting in double crochets, because I like them better then single or half double crochets. Unlike you, I started at the top of the pouf and increased the amount of stitches each round, until I came to the widest part of the pouf. Then I stopped increasing and just kept on making a double crochet in every stitch, just like you did. When I came to the bottom of the pouf I started to decrease the stitches for about three rounds, so that it fitted the pouf nice and tightly. I used a yarn called Hooked Zpagetti, which is all the rage here in the Netherlands. It is made from leftover t-shirt fabric which has been cut into long strips. I guess you would call it T-Yarn.

    Thanks again for your blog, it was really inspiring and convinced me that I could make a beautiful pouf, just like yours! Regards from Marion

  6. Marion,
    I'm really glad my pattern inspired you! This was the first time I had crocheted for years, so decreasing was easier for me than increasing. I'll definitely have to look into that yarn. I am really interested in upcycled work, so that sounds right up my alley. And it sounds like it would be really soft and comfortable to work with and wear. Thanks for your comment, and be sure to visit back again!
    - Amina

  7. thank u so much dear Amina
    i really do like these lovely knitting stuff, I am going to do it.
    just for u to know, i live in Iran
    thanks again

  8. Wow its amazing. Such kind of tutorials are very helpful for beginners like me. And you know what ??? I've learn a lot with this one. Thanks :)



  9. Thank you so much for this pouf pattern. I am a beginner crocheter. How many do you chain in the very first step if you are going to fill the pouf with pillows not cover an existing ottoman?



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