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I've been a little MIA on here for the past few months and it is because I've finally made the decision to re-focus my life on Handmade Habitat and Sunday Blossoms, my two brands, so I won't be taking the time to update this blog anymore and I'm so sorry. :( This blog started out as my brand blog back in the day when I was "Cats and Crafts by Amina." Now that I'm operating under Handmade Habitat, it just doesn't work as well anymore. So anyway, I guess I'm saying aloha for now. Here's where you can find me:



See you around! 


I have a tote bag obsession.

Which one to buy?!?!?

1. 2. 3. 4.


23 Loves

Today is my birthday! And in the grand tradition of my birthdays for the past few years, here is my bday LIST of now twenty-THREE things I love. This is getting tooo long to do pics for all of them so only a select few of my favorite things will be pictured this year. Wahh I'm getting oldddd. Check out 21 and 22 loves here to see how I've grown.. Not much, I'm afraid.

#s 1-4: I love my family, Braddie, Rosie, Mona&Diddley. They share this top tier in no particular order! (They are ridiculously competitive.)

5: I love all the rest of my family. I am extremely blessed to have a small but very tight knit family. Most people have aunts, uncles, a grandfather, cousins, etc. that they love obviously but aren't all that close to - I can brag that we as a family are extremely close. We all get together for every random person's birthday - aunts, uncles, etc., we all live close by each other, I can always count on some random family member showing up at every craft show I do (even when I don't ask them to come or know they're coming!) to get me lunch or watch my booth while I take a bathroom break. (It's awesome to look up at a craft show and see your grandfather wandering around looking for you) and I know we all just really genuinely care about each other.

6: I love remembering my childhood and am so stoked that this is my Michael Jordaaaaaaan year. Space Jam was my favorite movie for a long time and even now when it comes on Cartoon Network, my best friend from childhood always texts me to let me know that the best movie of all time is on. :) Brad's only requirement for our wedding is to be announced like they did for MJ way back when, walk in, someone throw him a basketball, he dribbles down the "court" twice, and dunks the ball. JAAAMM {photo}

7: I love making things. I love figuring stuff out. It comes from my mom. A few weeks ago, I managed to remake a shelf in my house and fix my sewing machine in the same 2-day span! It was exhileratingg. My mom is a fix-it lady. My mom put wood floor through her house all by herself. My mom built her dad a headboard all by herself. My mom kicks ass. Although she will probably pinch me for cursing later on today.

8: I love my business, I love my brand(s) and I love my blog. Handmade Habitat. Of Cats and Crafts. Rubble VintageSunday Blossoms - the newest installment of my crafty bloggy life.

9: I love Takoma Park. I've been living here for officially a year now and I definitely don't want to ever move. (Our lease started on my bday last year!) Favorite TKPK Spots: Trohv, The Olive Lounge, the Farmer's Market, Capital City Cheesecake (where the pic below is from) and the Takoma Bistro where I am currently sitting typing.

10: I love my grown-up apartment.

11: I love going places. Was super lucky this year to be able to go to Barcelona, London and Paris this March and see one of my besties and my baby sister. Who is also a bestie.

12: I love my car. I have a little blue Honda Fitt and I love that thing to death! I've got it down to a science on how to fit everything inside it that I need for craft shows. And it has never failed me!

13: I love Fenton Street Market. I got my start out there with my business and it's grown so much since! I'm soo happy to be able to work for the market now. It is actually the best job anyone could ever ask for.

Now let's let these things go a little faster...
14: I love ETSY! I am on Etsy all dayyy and all night. There is just so much creativity out there in the world and I'm so happy that the site took off as well as it did. We are re-making the world!
15: I love Pinterest. Too much. Brad calls it Procrastipinning. Which is pretty accurate for what I do on there.
16: I love vintage!
17: I love The Office. So sad it's officially ended. I think I will spend the afternoon re-watching the entire series.
18: I love the DC craft scene. You wouldn't think it, but DC has great artists, crafters and awesome creative people.
19: I love Madewell - my favorite store.
20. I love coffee. and croissants especially.
21: I love Luri and Wilma - the magazine/blog of the coolest craftiest vintagiest fun to be had in DC.
22: I love love love peruvian chicken. I have a spot that I go to wayy too often. They recognize me and it's embarrassing. I cannot keep having relationships with people who work at restaurants.
23: And lastly, I love you. Thanks for your support over the years. :)


Classy Cat. Classy Dog.

I have two cats and a dog. Not in one house. My mom's house has two cats. My apt has a dog. I don't understand why you have to be a dog person or a cat person. I believe I am both. And fo real, they aren't so different.

Classy cat. Classy dog. 

You can take both on walks.

They both stretch.

And they both like odd places!

Can't we all just get along??


Oh Yes, It's Soy! Soy Wax Candles are Good for Your Soul.

Today it occurred to me that in the past year (plus) that I've been making candles, I never stopped to write a good post on them. I feel like I ramble off a lot of facts about them at craft shows that you may have heard before if you've passed by, but for those of you who aren't in the DC area, let us chat today about them.

Basically, soy candles are AWESOME. They burn longer than paraffin wax candles, don't release toxins when burning, have a great natural aroma when burning even non-scented ones and make you feel good because of all the good they do. ;)

Materials to make candles: wick, wick holder, wick tabs, soy wax, fragrance oil, candle tin, spoon, decorations - book paper, washi tape and an x-acto knife to cut the papers to size.

And if you haven't heard, they're soy!

SOY! The second most popular word of our generation after Organic.

Soy candles! Older hippies often ask me what the hell that means and how you could get wax from soy (because they are superiorly informed and understand that soy grows in the ground and is often in their food). But you can.

Soy wax is made from the oil of soybeans. The beans are harvested, cleaned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. Oil is extracted from the flakes, they are hydrogenated which converts the faty acids in the oil from unsaturated to saturated and alters the melting point of the oil so that it can be a solid at room temperature. Producers use the leftover bean husks for animal feed. NOMS.

Soy wax melting on the stove.

  • Longer burn time than paraffin wax candles
  • Non-toxic: burns cleanly in your home - no toxins or chemicals released! (Paraffin wax candles are petroleum based and release tons of toxins– boo!!) 
  • Soy is a natural wax, biodegradable and made here in the USA! 
  • Use melted soy wax as super moisturizing, amazing smelling skin moisturizer!

Marketing keywords:: Soy candles are...
* eco-friendly * carbon-neutral * American grown * sustainable * renewable * fun * healthy *

My favorite key word is * healthy * because lots of people are allergic to candles or have developed chemical injuries because of dangerous chemicals in candles. These are great to burn for people who are sensitive to candles and scents. 

Melted wax setting in their tins. 

Also, I use only all natural fragrance oils and essential oils in my candles so no need to worry about dangerous toxins there. The wicks that I use are also all cotton which makes a BIG difference in candle burning. Not something you would think about, but many wicks have lead cores, believe it or not. They are illegal in California, but not sure about the rest of the country. 

Candles harden to a natural white, non-colored. 

So anyway, I love soy candles, I love making soy candles, I love burning soy candles. And I love decorating with my soy candles. The tins and jars look so elegant even after the candle is all burned out. They are good 'till the end. I like to put beads and whatnot in them after they're empty. They look so cute in my craft space. :)

I sell candles in my Handmade Habitat shop in book paper decorated tins and a classy jar version and also in my Sunday Blossoms shop in mason jars for those of you with more homegrown souls. You can find them all at my craft shows though, so be sure to come smell them all in person! I have a good feeling that you'll fall in love with the grapefruit.

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